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Is it okay to work with essential oils during pregnancy?

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Speaking to your doctor is the best way to get advice specific to your needs and personal health history. If you have concerns about a specific essential oil, you should provide your doctor with the IFRA Certificate and Safety Data Sheet for the essential oil in question. Both documents are listed on each essential oil product page.

Keep these basic safe handling procedures in mind when working with any Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils:

  • Work in a well-ventilated area with plenty of fresh air flowing. Keep a window open, or run the exhaust fan over your stove if working in the kitchen. 
  • Use protective equipment like eye goggles and gloves. 
  • Containers or jars used to weigh or hold essential oil or fragrance oil should not be reused for food prep.
  • Clean up spills immediately, as they may cause damage to surfaces.

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