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What temperature should I add essential oils to melted wax?

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It's important that essential oils mix completely with the melted wax. For this reason, we recommend always adding essential oils to your wax at 185°F, regardless of the flashpoint of the essential oil. This is the optimal temperature for the essential oil and the wax to bind and will provide the best fragrance throw in your finished candle and the safest burn. We have confirmed this through rigorous testing in our in-house labs. 

Adding essential oils to your wax at lower temperatures can result in the essential oils not binding properly with the wax. Incomplete binding negatively impacts the scent throw, and in a worst-case scenario, causes the essential oils to leach out of the wax and pool on the top or bottom of your candle. 

The temperature at which you pour the fragranced wax into the container depends on the wax you're using. Be sure to check the wax product page for the pouring temperature for your specific wax.


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