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Are micas natural?

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Most colored micas, like the ones we carry, begin as a natural greyish-white mineral formed deep inside the earth. Natural mica is mined and ground into a fine powder that forms the base for the colored mica. During the manufacturing process, the naturally greyish mica powder is coated with various synthetic pigments to create different colors and finishes.

While it begins as a natural product, colored mica will not be 100% natural since the color pigment added to the natural mica base is synthetic. Natural color pigments can contain arsenic, lead, mercury, and other harmful compounds so they are not used to manufacture colored mica. Synthetic pigments are formulated in a lab to create the same colors safely.


There is a synthetic mica, called fluorphlogopite. It is more transparent than natural mica, which allows for greater sparkle. You may see this synthetic mica listed in some of the micas we carry!



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