What are your shipping prices?

Shipping prices are dependent on what products you are ordering and how far we need to ship them.

To calculate shipping:

Click the 'order' button next to any product to add it to your shopping cart. When you have your order together enter your zip code into the zip code box on the shopping cart page and click 'continue order'. Our website will then show you exactly how much your shipping cost will be. 

Once you've completed this step you can either select a shipping rate and check out, or add/remove products from the cart to see how that effects the shipping cost. At CandleScience we NEVER re-bill you for shipping after the order. The price that you see on the shopping cart page is all you pay, period.

Our customers only pay the UPS daily rate (the lowest published UPS shipping rate). We never mark up freight or charge any handling fees on wax or any of our other products.


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