Is international shipping available for my order?

We do not offer international shipping at this time. This includes shipping to Canada.

If you arrange to have your order shipped to you internationally via an international freight forwarder, please be aware that CandleScience will not accept responsibility for any damage that occurs in international transit. We do not ship internationally and do not guarantee the safety of orders shipped by other agencies. You will need to handle all international damage issues with your freight forwarder.

If you have a US address that you would like to use for shipping then you can complete an order by utilizing PayPal as your payment method. Simply enter your US shipping address for the billing address and complete your payment with PayPal. Unfortunately, we are unable to process direct credit/debit card payments that have an international billing address, so PayPal is the only way to complete your order.

Please note that due to warehouse restrictions, freight forwarders are unable to pick up directly from our warehouse location in either Durham, NC or Sparks, NV. You will have to have the order shipped to the freight forwarder directly and then handle international shipping arrangements with the forwarder. We are also unable to supply any international documentation that may be needed.

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