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Can I have my order shipped by USPS?

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First Class Mail, Flat Rate Regional, and Priority Mail are available as shipping options through USPS for eligible CandleScience shipments. 


First Class Mail will typically be available for small shipments up to 13 ounces. Priority Mail will be an option for most orders under 70 pounds. Flat Rate Regional becomes available for any order that can fit in one or more Flat Rate boxes. Weight is not a limiting factor for Flat Rate packages, although size and shape will be!


You can view the exact shipping methods available for your potential order based on the combination of items included in your cart. To find this information, navigate to your cart and view the Shipping Estimate tool at the bottom of the cart page. Once you enter your shipping zip code, you will see all available shipping methods customized to your cart. 


For more information and helpful tips on shipping with USPS, view our USPS Shipping Cheat Sheet.


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