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What is an AVS mismatch error?

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An 'AVS mismatch' occurs when the billing address provided during checkout does not match the billing address that you have on account with your credit card company or card-issuing bank. This Address Verification Service is used to protect you against credit card fraud. 

To resolve this issue be sure to compare the billing address you enter with the one listed on your credit card statement. The address you enter during the checkout process must match your credit card billing address and any difference between the two addresses can result in an AVS mismatch. If you have any additional questions regarding discrepancies with your billing information please follow up with your credit card issuer or bank. 

Note: When you receive an AVS mismatch error, the card issuing bank or credit card company typically puts a hold on your card to cover the purchase amount of your order and removes the funds from your account. Your card was not charged. Your credit card company or card-issuing bank will return the funds to your account, typically within 2-3 business days. If you have questions regarding when the funds will be posted back into your account please follow up with your bank.


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