When do you expect to have this item back in stock?

If an item goes out of stock, we will update the product page (usually within 24 hours) as soon as we can verify the date we will have it available again. Please know that we do not have any additional information internally and we will share any information with you as soon as it becomes available to us. 

If the item you are looking for is due to be restocked today and it isn't showing yet, please check back after 1 pm ET. On certain occasions the product is delayed arriving to our warehouse. Also, please keep in mind that products such as fragrance oils need to be prepared before they can be put back on the shelves, delaying restock time.  

You can also sign up for an email notification on the product page so that you find out as soon as it is back in stock! Simply enter your email in the box provided and once the product is back in stock you will be notified.



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