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Should I double wick my candles?

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Single wicked candles are more commonly sold in the marketplace, however, there are certain cases when a double wicked candle might produce a more efficient burn. A few reasons why a double wicked candle might be a better choice are:

  • Candles are generally burned for about 4 hours depending on manufacturers’ recommendations. If the diameter of the container is 4 inches or larger, you may not get a complete liquid layer over the top with just one wick in this time period.
  • An odd shape such as a large rectangle, square, or oval rather than a smaller circular shape may require more than one wick.
  • A double wicked candle will burn more completely utilizing all of the wax, but keep in mind that the wicks need to be evenly spaced and not too close to the edge of the container.
  • The most important thing is creating a safe and efficient burning candle. Keep in mind that two wicks produce more than one flame.
  • Along with safety, consumers want a candle that burns well and produces a pleasing hot throw. With this in mind, you must conduct multiple burn tests to get the safe and proper results you need.
  • Be sure to check out our wick guide for help selecting the right wick(s) for your candle. Generally, we recommend using more than one wick only in containers that are above 3.5" in diameter for best results.

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