Whenever candles are exposed to light, especially direct sunlight, they can fade or even yellow over time. If you use dye in your candles, this discoloration may be more noticeable.

To help reduce color fading in your candles, we recommend storing your candles away from areas with excessive heat and light. We also carry a wax additive called UV inhibitor which helps lessen the degree of discoloration over time. This additive is specifically designed to prevent the yellow discoloration caused by sunlight or artificial lighting. However, even with the UV inhibitor, it is best to keep your candles out of direct sunlight and shielded from interior lighting as much as possible.

Candle discoloration is often specific to the individual fragrance oil that was used, although not all fragrances will cause discoloration. While this doesn’t affect the burn or fragrance of the candle, it can affect its appearance.