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Are your fragrance oils safe to use in reed diffusers?

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Yes, many CandleScience fragrance oils are safe to use in reed diffusers. You will want to perform a compatibility test with your diffuser base before you decide on a fragrance. Fragrances that contain large amounts of vanilla or cinnamon tend to not be compatible. If you are using any of our fragrances, we have already tested them for compatibility and you can find this information listed under the "properties" section on each fragrance page for easy reference.

To easily find CandleScience fragrances that can be used for reed diffusers using our Reed Diffuser Base, check out our Fragrance Oil Finder and start your search with "Diffuser Base Approved" fragrances under the Application menu on the left-hand menu.

For a quick guide on getting started with reed diffusers check out this tutorial!


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