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How do I calculate the amount of fragrance oil I need?

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First, you need to know what percentage of fragrance oil you want to use. The average usage is 6%.

Please reference our FAQ for more information to help determine how much fragrance oil to use with your particular wax.

Here is a simple formula:

(oz of wax using) x (% of fragrance oil you want to use) = (oz of fragrance oil needed)

For example, let's say you are using two pounds of wax and want to use 6% fragrance oil.

First, you'll need to calculate the number of ounces of wax you have:

2 x 16 (number of oz in 1 pound) = 32oz

Plug these numbers into your formula:

32 x 6% = 1.92oz

You can round up to 2oz for easy measuring on your scale.


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