What does the fragrance flashpoint mean?

We get a lot of questions about flashpoint. Don't worry, it's nothing to worry about.

What is flashpoint?
The flashpoint is the temperature at which a fragrance can combust if exposed to open flame or spark. Adding fragrance oil to wax that is above the flashpoint will not cause it to combust. With fragrance at room temperature and no flame, there is no cause for concern.

Do low flashpoint fragrances burn off?
No. As long as the fragrance is added to wax and poured soon it will not lose strength. However, we do not recommend repeatedly cooling and reheating batches of fragranced wax. Limiting your batch size to an amount that can be poured right away is always better.

So why list flashpoint at all?
We list flashpoint for two reasons: customers who make gel candles and air shipments. Penreco recommends using fragrances with flashpoints over 170°F in their gel waxes. Please see their safety recommendations when working with gel waxes. And we are unable to ship fragrances with low flashpoints via air.


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