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Are your fragrance oils safe for making soap or lotion?

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Many of our fragrance oils are safe to include in soap, lotion, and other body products.

You can find the recommended usage rate for soaps and lotions in the Recommended Applications
 table on the product page for each fragrance oil. 

Our soap fragrances page is a great place to start your search for bath and body safe fragrances!


You can also refer to the IFRA Certificate for more detailed information, including safe usage rates for many other types of finished products. This certificate is linked on the product page. 

The IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certificate will list the maximum safe usage level by percentage for your specific application. The maximum usage rate is not the amount you should use in your product, but the most fragrance you could use and still create a product that is safely fragranced. 

Be sure to follow the guidelines of your specific recipe when calculating the amount of fragrance you need. Before creating your product, compare your calculations to the IFRA certificate to ensure that the fragrance amount falls within the safe usage guidelines.



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