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Is it okay to change the name of the fragrance oil I purchased?

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Yes, that's completely up to you. However, a lot of popular fragrances are widely recognized, so it might be beneficial to keep the original name. If you do wish to change the fragrance name on your candles, make sure to keep a record of your new name and the original product name so you can reorder the same fragrance later.

Keep in mind that some fragrance names may be trademarked for some particular products. These trademarks apply only to the categories in which they have been registered, which is primarily finished goods - candles, scented sachets, wall plugs, diffusers, etc.  Just because we chose that name for our fragrance oil, does not mean that the same name is readily available for the public to use in any finished products. The best practice is to always check the United States Patent and Trademark Office website to see the availability of a name for any of the finished products you are selling. Often, renaming a fragrance may work best for your personal business, so as to avoid any trademark violations.


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