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Why does it show that my order will ship from Reno, NV and Durham, NC?

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Your orders will always be fulfilled and shipped from our distribution center closest to you. This practice helps keep shipping costs to a minimum, as distance is a factor in calculating shipping rates. For more information on shipping rates, click here.

When an item is temporarily out of stock in the warehouse closest to you, you will have the choice to have it shipped from our other distribution center. This is a good option if you can't wait for the item to come back into stock in the closer warehouse. Before placing your order, consider that this portion of your order will often take a little longer to reach you than it would if the item shipped from the closer warehouse.

Click on the Checkout button in your cart to see which items are shipping from each location. After you select your billing and shipping addresses, you will choose a shipping method for each shipment. 

In the example below, the closest distribution center is the Nevada warehouse. While the Straight Sided Tumblers that we'd like to purchase are in stock in Nevada, the 5 lb jug of Sea Salt and Orchid is temporarily out of stock. 

If we prefer to wait until the out-of-stock fragrance becomes available again at the distribution center closest to you, we may return to our cart and remove it. If we continue through the checkout process with the fragrance in our cart, we will be able to choose a second shipping method and complete our order. 



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