To keep shipping costs to a minimum, your order will always be fulfilled and shipped from the distribution center closest to you. If an item is currently unavailable at the closest location to you, you will have the option to have it fulfilled and shipped from our second distribution center. This ensures you will receive the products you need in the most timely manner possible.

To see which items are shipping from which location, click on the Checkout button. Once you get to the shipments page you will see a break out of where items are shipping from. If you prefer to wait until your item becomes available again at the distribution center closest to you, return to the cart and remove the item set to ship from the other location. When you return to the shipping options page, you will see that your full order is scheduled to ship from that single distribution center. You can also contact customer service, or check the product page to see if there are any updates on when an item will be back in stock at your nearest location.