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Can I use crayons to color my candles?

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Crayons are not recommended for coloring your candles because they may cause burning issues.

The wax and pigments used to make crayons are formulated very differently from the components used for candle making, and are not intended to be burned with a wick. When you add melted crayons to your candle, you may end up with a color you like, but it usually will not burn properly.

If you want to add color to your candles, we carry several easy-to-use options! Candle dye blocks and liquid candle dye will add vivid shades of color to any wax so you can get creative with your candle aesthetics. Dye blocks are ideal for dark or rich hues, while liquid dye is perfect for creating custom colors.

You can find more information on candle dyes here: Create Colorful Candles!


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