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My soap just will not come out of the mold. What do I do?

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Some mold shapes and those with intricate designs can be a little more difficult to unmold. It’s tempting to try to unmold them just a few hours after they’ve been poured, but patience and time are your friend.

  • DO NOT force the soap. This will damage your mold and probably your beautiful soap creation. Make sure you’ve waited at least 24 hours before you start. Apply gentle but steady pressure with your thumbs or the heel of your palm. You may start to see where the soap is pulling away in places.This is a good sign—just keep the pressure steady and the soap should start to release in those areas.
  • If the soap is still stuck after 24 hours, place it in the refrigerator for no more than 30 minutes, allow to thaw for 1-2 minutes, and then try again.
  • If the soap still won’t budge, turn the mold over and run warm water over the back of the mold and continue with gentle pressure.
  • You can spray the mold ahead of time with a cooking spray to help with mold release if you find the soaps are always hard to remove. Use sparingly and make sure to spread the cooking spray evenly over the surface of the mold. If the spray leaves bubbles on the mold, your soap will have holes in the surface when you unmold them.
  • When using the molds for Cold Process soaps, use mineral oil only. Any other vegetable oils will react with the raw soap and cause it to stick more.

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