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Why do I get a "Customer Closed Paypal" error message?

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If you are seeing an error message that "Customer Closed PayPal Popup Before Authorizing", it is for 1 of 2 reasons.

1) You may have accidentally exited the PayPal window prior to completing the payment process with PayPal. If so, please attempt the payment process again.

2) There may be a compatibility issue with your web browser and PayPal. If your web browser is not up to date this can cause issues with the PayPal checkout process. If you are finalizing your payment through PayPal and the PayPal window closes on its own, we would recommend trying to checkout using a different web browser and/or updating your current web browser

  • We have found Google Chrome to work the most consistently for the majority of PayPal users.
  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer have been the browsers with the most recent issues.

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