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How do I use IGI 4627 wax?

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IGI 4627 Comfort Blend is a paraffin wax designed specifically for container candles. We do not recommend it for pillars, votives, or wax melts. This wax comes in a soft block and is available in 23 lb bags or 46 lb cases. It is extremely soft and can be messy so we recommend wearing gloves when working with it. A flat ice cream scoop works very well to scoop it out for measuring.

When working with IGI 4627 we recommend using the following guidelines for best results.

  • Wicks: The recommended wicks are the LX series. See the Wick Guide for a starting point based on the dimensions of your container!

  • Fragrance: Suggested usage is 6-12%. Be sure to not use more than 12% fragrance as it can cause safety issues.
  • Color: If you are using a dye you can add the color to the wax when you add the fragrance.

  • Heat the wax to 190°F to add your fragrance.

  • Remove from heat and stir gently for 2 minutes.

  • Allow the wax to cool to 180°F and then pour into your containers.

  • Allow the candles to cool completely before trimming the wicks.

  • Place lids on the candles (if you are using them) and allow the candles to cure for 3-5 days before burning them in order to achieve the strongest hot throw.

You can conduct wick testing within 24 hours of making the candles. When testing for fragrance throw be sure to cure before assessing the hot throw.


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