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How do I use IGI 1239 A wax?

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IGI 1239A is a paraffin wax designed for pillars, votives, and wax melts. We do not recommend it for container candles because the wax is designed to shrink and pull away from the sides of a mold for easy release, so it will also pull away from the sides of a container. This wax comes in a hard slab so you will need to cut or break it into smaller pieces to work with it. A hot knife works really well for cutting it into manageable pieces; alternatively, you can use a rubber mallet to break it into chunks.

When working with IGI 1239A we recommend using the following guidelines for best results.

  • Wicks: The recommended wicks are the LX series. Check out our Wick Guide for a starting point based on the dimensions of your mold!

  • Fragrance: Suggested usage is 3%. Be sure to not use more than 3% fragrance as it can cause safety issues.

  • Color: If you are using a dye you can add the color to the wax when you add the fragrance at 185°F.

  • Process: Use the tips below to get great results from your IGI 1239A wax.

    • Heat the wax to 185°F to add your fragrance.
    • Remove from heat and stir gently for 2 minutes.
    • Allow the wax to cool to 180°F and then pour into your molds or clamshells.
    • This wax contracts as it cools. If you are using it in molds, a second and possibly third pour will be needed.
    • Allow the first pour to cool for 2-3 hours and then reheat the leftover wax to 170*F and pour into your molds to fill in the sinkhole.
    • Allow candles to cool completely and then trim the wicks (if needed).
    • Allow wax melts to cool completely before covering with a lid or removing them from their mold.
    • Allow the candles or wax melts to cure for 3-5 days before using them in order to achieve the strongest hot throw.

You can conduct wick testing, as needed, within 24 hours of making the candle. When testing for fragrance throw be sure to cure before assessing the hot throw.

Pro Tip: Pillar waxes tend to shrink as they cool so you will need to do a second pour. Reserve some wax in your pouring pitcher so that you can top off your pillars or votives with a second pour before you remove them from the mold.

For more tips for working with this wax, check out our Lab notes!


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