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How do I use Beeswax?

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Beeswax is a versatile wax that can be used for containers, pillars, votives, and wax melts. This wax comes in pellets, making it easy to measure and weigh on a scale. It is available in yellow or white depending on your preference.

When working with beeswax, we recommend using the following guidelines for best results.

  • Wicks: Beeswax can be very difficult to wick. When, where, and how it was obtained all factor into how it will perform in candles. With so many variables, it's hard to predict which wick size to use. For this reason, it will take a bit more testing to find the best one for your candles. We generally recommend the ECO series for beeswax.

    • We recommend getting several different sizes of ECO wicks in the 12 pc bags. Having a variety of wick sizes on hand for testing makes it easier to find the size that works best with your wax.

  • Fragrance: Suggested usage is 6-10%. Be sure to not use more than 10% fragrance as it can cause safety issues.

    • Beeswax can be tricky to fragrance as it tends to have its own natural, earthy aroma.
    • Some fragrances do better than others in beeswax. We recommend making a small test batch with every fragrance. Florals tend to do the best in beeswax.
    • We highly recommend staying away from bakery fragrances in beeswax as the mix of bakery notes with the natural scent of the beeswax will likely not produce a good smelling candle.
  • Color: If you are using dye you can add the color to the wax when you add the fragrance at 185°F.

    • For white beeswax, candle dye works beautifully. Keep in mind that if you are using yellow beeswax, the color of the dye will blend with the natural yellow of the wax. We usually do not recommend using dyes with yellow beeswax. Let the lovely natural yellow shine!
  • Process: Follow these steps when making beeswax candles or wax melts.

    • Heat the wax to 185°F to add your fragrance.
    • Remove from the heat and stir gently for 2 minutes.
    • Allow the wax to cool to 175°F and then pour into your molds, containers, or clamshells.
    • Allow the candles or wax melts to cool completely and then trim the wicks (if needed).
    • Allow the candles or wax melts to cure for 3-5 days before using them in order to achieve the strongest hot throw.
    • You can conduct wick testing, as needed, within 24 hours of making the candles.

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