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Does CandleScience send samples?

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CandleScience does not send out product samples.

Our 1oz fragrance oil bottles are the best way to sample new fragrances without a big investment. You may also choose a free 1oz bottle of any of our fragrances with orders of $25 or more. We don't select a fragrance for you, so make sure you choose from the drop-down list in your cart before you check out!

Keep an eye out for our two yearly fragrance oil sample sales, traditionally held in the spring and in the fall. Our sales are announced in our newsletter and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow us on our social media pages and sign up for our newsletter to make sure you stay up to date on all sale news!

Pro tip: the smell of a fragrance out of the bottle, and the smell of a fragrance in a candle are often very different. You may find it helpful to whip up a small batch to test burn so you have a better idea of how the final product will smell. The Fragrance Finder is a very useful tool to help narrow in on some fragrances to get started with.

For glassware, lids, and other products, the best way to try them is to order the lowest quantity available on the product page. If for any reason you decide that the product does not work well for you, you can always return it for a refund. You can find our refund policy by clicking here.



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