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What Should I Expect for My Freight Order?

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What is LTL freight shipping?
LTL (Less Than Truckload) Freight Shipping is a convenient and fast way to ship large candle supply orders, even to a residence. Transit times are often quicker than UPS Ground.


How do I select LTL freight shipping?
When placing your order, be sure you select all of the applicable freight options (e.g., full size or short truck, whether a liftgate is required, etc.) on the 'Address' page of the checkout.


Delivery information:
To receive your order, the delivery address must be accessible by a full-size trailer truck. If you are unsure whether or not a full-size truck can reach your delivery location, we recommend selecting the ‘short truck required’ option to ensure a smooth and timely delivery. 

If the carrier is unable to access your delivery location, they will transfer your order to a shorter truck, resulting in a redelivery fee.

TForce freight trucks are large and designed to carry pallets, so if you have a narrow driveway, low-hanging trees, or other obstacles, the driver may leave your pallet(s) at the end of your driveway.
TForce short trucks are 40' long. If you live in a mountainous area or on a winding road they may not be able to deliver to your address. Please contact us ahead of time if you are unsure if UPS freight is right for you.

Orders come wrapped on a pallet. The TForce driver will remove the pallet from the truck, but you will be responsible for unloading the pallet.


Residential deliveries:
TForce will call to schedule an appointment. This will occasionally create a shipping delay. Someone will need to be present to sign.


Commercial deliveries:
Deliveries will be made during normal business hours - M-F from 9-5. If your business has hours differing from that, check the 'Call before delivery' option to ensure that TForce schedules a delivery appointment.

We check with TForce whether your address is classified as residential or commercial. There are no extra fees for residential deliveries.


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