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What is PayPal Pay in 4?

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Pay in 4 is a payment option offered by PayPal for orders between $30 and $1,500 based on certain eligibility requirements which are determined by PayPal. 


Pay in 4 will allow you to split your order total into 4 equal payments made every two weeks starting on the day of the original purchase. Payments are deducted automatically from the payment method selected in PayPal during checkout, although there is no penalty for paying off the full amount ahead of schedule. For more details on Pay in 4, check out this article from PayPal. 


If your purchase is eligible, you will see the option to select Pay in 4 during checkout with PayPal. Once PayPal has been selected as your payment method, Pay in 4 will be listed in a section called Pay Later




To view PayPal Pay in 4 eligibility requirements and Terms, follow this link: If your Pay in 4 purchase is not approved, please check your email for an explanation from PayPal.


For any questions regarding Pay in 4 or eligibility for Pay in 4, please reach out to PayPal Customer Support.


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