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Does CandleScience offer phone support?

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We no longer offer phone support. You can reach our Customer Support team through email, text message, and the submission form on our Support page here. You are welcome to send us a message at your convenience, any time of the day or night. Our team is available Monday through Friday and will respond to messages in the order in which they were received. Once we receive your message, we will connect with you soon.

You may have noticed that our available contact methods center on online support rather than phone support. Our focus on written communication allows us to provide quick, impactful assistance for complex issues.

  • Our Support team is based on the East Coast. Offering online support means that crafters located in other time zones have the same access as those within our region. You can reach us at any time, without rushing to call within our business hours, as our hours might not be the same as yours. Instead of rearranging your schedule, you can focus on the important parts of your day knowing that we are already hard at work on your issue.


  • Since we often assist with complex questions, offering support through email helps us keep detailed notes in one spot. For instance, we have access to historical data on your crafting process the instant you reach out to troubleshoot your candles. This ensures that we can pick the conversation up where we last left off, without the need for you to explain or repeat yourself. We can immediately focus on the collaboration at hand! 

We are passionate about supporting you in your creative journey. Whether you are new to making candles and soaps or a seasoned professional, we want to hear from you!

To ensure that we can offer a speedy resolution, check out our article Tips for Contacting Customer Support for some helpful details to include with your message.


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