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Tips for contacting Customer Support

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To help ensure that we can address your concerns as quickly as possible, check out the tips below before reaching out to us. If your order has missing or damaged items, please feel free to use our automated reimbursement system to request a replacement. 


Order Issues

  • If your order arrived damaged, please include the order number, the name of the damaged products, the number of damaged items, and a few photos of the damaged items with your message. Doing so will help expedite the replacement process.


  • If you believe that a shipment from your order is missing or lost in transit, please send us a message that includes your order number along with a note detailing if you have received any other parts of your order.


  • When reaching out about an order or account issue, please include the order number or email address associated with the account. 

Candle Troubleshooting

  • When reaching out to us for help with your candles, please include the following information so that we can assist without delay.
        • The type of wax and wick
        • Diameter of the container (if applicable)
        • Temperature fragrance is added
        • Pour temperature
        • Fragrance load / additives
        • A few photos of the candles highlighting any trouble spots
        • Any process adjustments you have already tried


Website Issues

  • If you're not able to view your account or check out, make sure you are logged in to your CandleScience account. If you cannot log in to your account, try resetting your password using the instructions here: What do I do if I forgot my password?


  • If you are experiencing an error on our website, clear your browser's cache and then reload the page. If you continue to see the error, include screenshots of the error message when you contact us. 


Billing Issues


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