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Can I use your fragrance oils in my diffuser?

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You may be able to test our fragrances in your diffuser, depending on how the unit diffuses the fragrance into the air.

We formulate our fragrance oils with candlemaking and soapmaking in mind. While we've tested our fragrances in our Reed Diffuser Base to create reed diffusers, we have not evaluated our fragrances in other types of diffusers yet.

You are able to test with our fragrances if your diffuser relies on ultrasonic vibration or another heatless method of dispersing scent through the air. We do not recommend trying our Reed Diffuser Base or fragrance oils in oil warmers, wall plug-ins, or other diffusers that apply heat.

Since we have only tested our fragrance oils in reed diffusers, we will not be able to guarantee their compatibility with other types of diffusers. Before testing, we'd recommend checking your diffuser's manual to ensure that you are not voiding the warranty by using oils other than those approved by the unit's manufacturer.


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